How To Use camouflage netting


Kylebooker is now providing you with fully professional, military style, camouflage nets suitable for a wide range of use within the entertainment/movies industries or special events. We have supplied to theme parks, profession sport teams, museums, paintball parks, laser tag, Halloween mazes, prop covers and more.

General Guidelines

Before initial use of your Camouflage Net we suggest you hang your net in the natural breeze to dissipate any chemical odors.
Military styles nets can be lashed together to create any size you need.
Arrange camo nets so that the leaf cuts are horizontal. This allows a more natural look.
Camouflage nets break up outline builds, props and other man-made objects.
When hiding an object, hang the Camouflage nets so that there is at least 6 inches between the object and the net. This helps break up the outline and net leaf will tend to move and lay in a more natural way.
Do not store your net in a compressed state. We suggest you only compress the net for traveling. For long-term storage, make sure your net is dry, free of vegetation and not compressed.

Connecting Nets

There are a few very practical ways to connect camouflage nets together. If you use the military style camo, it has a net backing allowing for quick lashing them together. The camo without nets we suggest using grommets to tarp clips.

Then use rope, carabineers, or tie wraps to hang the nets.

To find out about custom colors and applications select Ordering for more details

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