Kylebooker’s Pro Staff Program is looking for a limited number of anglers to represent the Kylebooker brand. If you are a tournament angler, fishing guide, or industry or community influencer that is interested in partnering with Kylebooker, please provide the information below so we can learn more about you and your qualifications for the Kylebooker Pro Staff Program.(Email to:

What We Expect from Pro Staff:

Use some of Kylebooker’s products and have the basic knowledge about fishing
Active participation in fishing community or in tournament fishing
Valuable social posts or blogs, industry affiliation, etc.
Maintain a positive, respectable appearance
Motivation to be part of the Team Kylebooker and would enjoy growing with us

Pro Staff Work:

At least 4 different posts about fishing (including at least 2 posts about Kylebooker products) per month on social media, the more the better! Posts should be in the Kylebooker Fishing Group as well as in your personal timeline with hashtag #KylebookerFieldStaff and tag @Kylebookerfishing page and make it public
Share your using experience with a Kylebooker product attached with photos or a video as an objective product review on Amazon
Represent Kylebooker when attending tournaments. Kylebooker logo needs to be on your apparel. We will also provide you some fishing apparel as a Pro Staff benefit
Provide suggestions on Kylebooker products improvement

Pro Staff Benefits:

20% off discount for all Kylebooker products on Amazon
Free trial of some Kylebooker’s new products
Free Kylebooker Brand pack, including T-shirts, hats, stickers, etc.
Can apply for products or financial sponsorship when representing Kylebooker in tournaments (at least 30 entries)
Can apply for sponsorship including product giveaways or discounts for the Facebook groups or fishing community activities that you are managing
Get a percentage of a new Kylebooker product sales if attending to develop the product
Mysterious Gift Box per year

Pro Staff application responses may take up to 1 - 2 workdays from initial submission.

* Indicates required field
*Facebook page links:
---​Your email address and contact information will be kept confidential and will not be shared or sold. You will receive notices about deals, contests, and giveaways via email.
What are your top three target species?
Where do you usually fish?A.lake B.pond C.reservoir E.river F.saltwater
How do you usually fish?A.boat B.kayak C.charter boat E.Tube 
You personal best:
Anything else to share with us?


(Email to:

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