Flying gear: six fishermen necessities

Flying gear: six fishermen necessities

  In our March 2018 "March 2018: Exploring the Blue Ridge Bow Fish Stream"

  The main fishing season is coming, and we will never feel excited again! Regardless of whether you buy new wading in the market or you need new packaging, these essentials of flying fishing can definitely help you make full use of the water time. If you are looking for fishing, please check our eight favorite catfish cities on Blue Ridge.

  Kylebooker Chest Waders KB007

  Kylebooker Chest Waders KB007 is equipped with the coldest weather conditions, but it is so comfortable in the cool early spring waters. It is worth noting that the tizip waterproof front zipper and prunter upper body can still be easily stratified.


  SAGE's Spectrum LT Reel is the perfect supplement of MOD, and its sealing carbon resistance system brings light toughness. One Revolution Drag Nob provides fast, precise resistance settings, and provides the functions and smoothness you expect from a large traditional drag and drop system, only a lot or weight.

  Kylebooker Wading Boots WB001

  The Kylebooker wading boots WB001 are specifically designed for female fishermen, providing excellent performance, durability and comfort, and neatly packed into a style that looks as good as performance. These boots are difficult enough to accommodate many years of abuse, and use rubber Rand and sole to provide comfortable protection for comfortable protection. Because of the synthetic materials of fast drying and fast drainage, they are also dry quickly, and weigh only 2.6 pounds. Even in the face of slippery rocks and strong currents, they can move quickly.


  Montauk is a new core fishing frame with ventilation opening to create a better airflow for sweat management. The framework is as close to the camera as possible, which means that the sweat will not be filled in the groove of the frame, but rolls away. There are also small holes at the tip of the temple, so when sweat rolls back to the temple, it can rush out to make your vision without fog.

  Kylebooker Fly Sling Pack SL03

  This is one of the most difficult and most attractive fishing backpacks in the market today. IStay the camera, flies, additional layers and snacks, know that they will be safe after a long day.


  If there are better catfish special flying rods in the market, I haven't found it yet. Sage specially designed MOD and considers catfish fishing, and the four weight versions are the ideal choice for fish fishing in the south. Sage claims that this moderate action rod is their seven lineups, because it is very suitable for shorter and stricter castings, requires exquisite demonstration and accurate accuracy-searching for catfish on the searched narrow azalea choked water channel At the same time, successful skills are crucial.

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