What equipment should be used for fly fishing for pike


Fly fishing is a pleasure and a challenge. For the brave fly fisherman, it is enjoyable to find a challenging fish to fly fish for and enjoy that process.

 Compared with other traditional fish, the pike resists more fiercely and it will hit hard with a big splash. For pike the requirements for equipment may be even higher.

Most fly fishermen prefer a size 10 rod because this model is better suited to casting large wind resistant flies and drifts. The common rod length is 9 feet, but if you choose a slightly longer fly rod you can control the line better.

  Fly fishing for pike feels like a roller coaster ride, one moment you are relaxed and mesmerized by the rhythm of lined up casts and strokes, the next moment you explode into a frenzied onslaught. Therefore, the next section will discuss the best fly fishing rod size for pike fishing, when to use a specific fly fishing rod for pike


  Pike can reach a maximum weight of 40 pounds, but it is rare to catch a pike over 20 pounds in most lakes. So we have to choose the rod according to the target fish.

Flies 3 to 6 inches long are recommended for pike fishing and require the best gear for pike, otherwise you may lose them as soon as they bite your flies. The fly rod is chosen for the kind of flies that can cast heavy flies while still being up to the task of putting up a fierce fight with pike.

8 weight rods

 Most fly fishing pike enthusiasts consider 8 weight rods to be the smallest rods available. Experienced fly fishermen prefer a 10 weight rod. So we need to make a proper choice of rod before each fly fishing trip

  The heaviest pike of 46 pounds was caught in Great Sacandaga Lake in 1940. The 8-weight rod can do the top and bottom, and can easily be used to catch big fish as well as small ones.It can cast poppers, small streamers, and floating lines, and even help you catch fish in shallow waters. And being lighter than the other options for pike fly fishing, you can fish the entire day without worrying about fatigue or working with an unbalanced rod.

9 weight rods

If you are fly fishing on the beach, it is recommended to use a 9 weight rod, which is not only suitable for fly fishing for pike but also for redfish, ladyfish, small stingrays, snook, juvenile tarpon, and bonefish.

9 weight rods and 8 weight rods in my personal opinion are also rods that can catch big and small fish. It is also a relatively easy to use rod, compared with the 8 weight rod, once you catch a big fish will be able to ensure that the rod will not break easily.

10 weight rods

If your target fish if a big fish, a 10 weight fly fishing rod is highly recommended, this rod can be easily cast in deeper water. 10 weight rods have higher strength and power, are relatively more durable and can also support large reels.upgrading to a 10-wt can allow you to manage heavy lines while maximizing the distance efficiently. (5) With a 10-wt, you can easily cast your flies even in windy places; after all, accurately presenting a fly to the pike when it’s windy with an 8-wt and 9-wt is almost impossible.

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