Fly Tying Kit

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This classic, updated and improved fly tying vise can provide your bobbins With more room to work.
The sleek rotary vise are with great performance.
a very easy to carry tying kits packed in a Nylon Bag.
Compacted and easy to carry.
The kits contains :

1.1pcs* 10.5cm Disc bobbin
2.1pcs* 8.5cm Disc bobbin
3.1pcs* Alloy fly tying vise
4.1pcs* Tying Scissors
5.1pcs* 10.5cm fly tying whip finisher
6.1pcs* 14cm fly tying whip finisher
7.1pcs* 9cm 5 holes hackle guard
8.1pcs* 7cm hackle pliers
9.1pcs* 6.2cm fly tying hair stacker 6mm
10.1pcs* brass handle bodkin
11.1pcs* bobbin threader tying threads
13.Mylar Tinsel

pls note that the line color will be sent by random