• The Five Stages of Fly Fishing

    The Five Stages of Fly Fishing

    The Five Stages of Fly Fishing Although I don't remember when I first heard this phrase, I have been hearing it a lot from experienced fly fishers who tell new anglers about the various stages of their careers in the sport. These are the levels that most of us go through in order to reach our peak. STAGE ONE The first stage is usually...
  • Saltwater Fishing FAQ

    Saltwater Fishing FAQ

    Learn how to saltwater fish for fun, but it requires a certain amount of skill and timing. This sport can be done in different ways depending on where you're going. This guide will teach you a few basic steps to get started. WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN FIBERGLASS, GRAPHITE AND CARBON FIBER FISHING RODS? Although all three materials have the same matrix of fibers, they...
  • Fly Fishing Leaders

    Fly Fishing Leaders

    Learn how to use fly fishing leaders effectively and attract more fish. You'll also learn about choosing the right leader and connecting line to fly. BEST FLY FISHING LEADERS The three sections of fly fishing leaders are the tippet, the butt, and the middle. The butt is the leader's first line to connect, and it's the most thick section of the material that makes...
  • Bamboo Fly Rods

    Bamboo Fly Rods

    If you enjoy fishing in small creeks and streams, then you might want to consider adding bamboo fly fishing rods to your equipment. The following tutorial will teach you how to make these easy-to-use rods. Beginners should consider bamboo fly fishing rods due to how they are relatively easy to cast. Compared to the heavier materials used in fly fishing, bamboo flies are generally...
  • Hiwassee Etowah Saluda River, Southern Summer Runs on the Fly

    Hiwassee Etowah Saluda River, Southern Summer Runs on the Fly

    One of the most prized game fish in the world is the striped bass. They are big and strong and can be very opportunistic. The South's summer runs on the fly fishermen are fast approaching. There is a limited time left for striped bass fishing in these areas. Most stripers live in saltwater in their natural habitat along the Atlantic Coast. During the spring,...
  • Four Best Tailwater Trout Fisheriesof the Region’s

    Four Best Tailwater Trout Fisheriesof the Region’s

    Kylebooker Fly Fishing In addition to being harmful to the environment, dams also have a negative effect on the natural cycles of the organisms that live in them. Most of the East's major waterways are now filled with manmade reservoirs. This has destroyed the native aquatic ecosystems that were once there. Despite the controversial nature of dams, they still provide numerous opportunities for fishing....
  • Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Guide

    Blue Ridge Fly Fishing Guide

    The warm weather and the biting fish are calling to you in the Blue Ridge. This guide will help you find the best fishing areas in the region. From flatwater lakes to mountain streams, this area has plenty of fishing to offer. Alleghany Highlands, Virginia If you're looking for a great fishing experience, the Alleghany Highlands in Virginia is the place for you. This...
  • A guide to catching aggressive fall brown trout

    A guide to catching aggressive fall brown trout

    It’s easy to get lost in the beauty of the autumn season when you’re on a mountain stream. However, the season also provides a great opportunity for trout fishermen in Appalachia to get aggressive. Brown trout are known to color up and ornery as they prepare for their fall spawn. This is the perfect time of year to target these big fish. In this...
  • Beer, error and large screen | F3T return to Ashville

    Beer, error and large screen

      Beer, error and large screen
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